Welcome to The Clean Prank Wiki

The clean pranks wiki is a collaborative wiki about clean, non-hurtful, awesome pranks that you can do to make sure your friends and family hate you forever! Anyone can edit it! Remember, only clean non-hurtful pranks allowed!

Rules for this Wiki

  • No offensive stuff on this Wiki. Nothing. No launguage or anything offensive. It's called the Clean Prank Wiki for a reason.
  • Only clean non-hurtful pranks allowed (We don't want anyone in trouble)
  • Post your ideas for funny pranks here!
  • Don't make random pages. They will be removed.
  • In any page you make put a list of what you need and the skill level
  • If you want put any results you got with the prank.
  • Make sure you have fun, be nice, and no one gets hurt!

Skill Level Guide

1 through 10. With one being the easiest and 10 being the hardest.

There CAN be half numbers. Like 1 1/2 would be a little harder then 1 and a little easier then 2.

There can NOT be a half number for 10, 10 is the highest.


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